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CommsCoach for collections

Every conversation evaluated.
Liquidations boosted.

Risk minimised.

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CommsCoach’s provides a comprehensive, real-time view of conversation quality and agent performance. Boost collection rates, compliance and operational performance with AI-powered QA.

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Increase collections
up to 25%



every single 

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AI-powered QA for 100% of your conversations

Listen in to every agent-debtor conversation and automatically evaluate them against the criteria that matter most to your organisation, like FCA compliance, call flow adherence and communication quality.

Improve response rates and conversation outcomes with better quality interactions and ensure communication is clear and transparent.

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Give realtime feedback to collections agents and train them up with practice-based training

...all powered by AI

Give agents real-time feedback on their customer conversations and train them up using AI-powered simulations that emulate the interactions they have every day with real customers.

We’ll work with you to build simulated training scenarios that emulate real conversations with your customers. Each conversation is evaluated so the agent and management can see exactly where they need to improve for next time.

Practice-based training built around your customers

Ensuring the agent understands the requirements of the customer is essential to providing an effective and good quality service. Train agents on how to extract the right information from the customer.

That’s reporting and evidencing sorted...

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Review key metrics, and drill down to get into the detail

Flag issues for urgent escalation and remediation

Share feedback with your agents and team leaders

Automatically generate and circulate compliance reports

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Compliance has never been so easy

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