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CommsCoach for insurers

Make every
conversation count

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Get a comprehensive, real-time view of conversation quality and agent performance. Boost compliance, customer satisfaction and operational performance with AI-powered QA.

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Reduced risk

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Happier customers

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Better agent performance

Automated conversation monitoring and evaluation

Listen in to and evaluate 100% of your customer conversations against the criteria that matter most to your organisation, like compliance adherence, communication quality, complaints handling, data entry accuracy and customer verification protocol.

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Give agents the feedback they need to improve

Provide agents with real-time feedback on their customer conversations and train them up using AI-powered simulations that emulate the conversations they have every day, such as:

  • Handling policy enquiries

  • Claims processing

  • Billing enquiries

  • Cancellations

  • Handling angry or upset customers

All your compliance and QA performance in one place

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Review key metrics, and drill down to get into the detail

Flag issues for urgent escalation and remediation

Share feedback with your agents and team leaders

Automatically generate and circulate compliance reports

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Ready to automate your compliance QA?

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