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CommCoach for lenders

Lending compliance
and QA without
the hassle

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In today’s highly regulated environment, lenders must ensure they remain compliant and protect consumers. CommsCoach is your all-in-one automated QA tool for evaluating agent-borrower conversations, so you can sleep easy at night.

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Better compliance

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Better borrower satisfaction

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Better operational efficiency

Listen in to 100% of

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CommsCoach automatically QAs every single agent-borrower conversation and provides immediate and detailed evaluation reports.

Each conversation in analysed against multiple criteria, including regulatory compliance, call flow adherence and best practice, and communication accuracy.

Train and upskill lending agents

Give agents real-time feedback on their customer conversations and train them up using AI-powered simulations that emulate the interactions they have every day with real customers, for example:

  • Identifying and presenting the best loan packages

  • Recognising and managing customer vulnerability

  • Handling angry or emotional customers

  • Handling common complaints

That’s reporting and evidencing sorted...

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Review key metrics, and drill down to get into the detail

Flag issues for urgent escalation and remediation

Share feedback with your agents and team leaders

Automatically generate and circulate compliance reports

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Compliance has never been so easy

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