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CommsCoach for the Public Sector

Better quality, more compliant conversations

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Helping local health and public sector organisations offer a better quality, more efficient service with fully automated conversation monitoring and evaluation powered by AI.

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Improved agent performance


Every single 
conversation evaulated

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Better conversation outcomes








Local council



Monitor and evaluate every conversation

Listen in to and evaluate 100% of conversations against the criteria, like compliance adherence, communication quality and complaints handling.

Improve conversation outcomes with better quality interactions and ensure communication is compliant, clear and transparent.

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Give realtime feedback to call agents and train them up with practice-based simulations

Give agents real-time feedback on their conversations and train them up using AI-powered simulations that emulate the conversations they have every day.

We’ll work with you to build simulated training scenarios that emulate real conversations your agents have every day. Each conversation is evaluated so the agent and management can see exactly where improvements can be made.

Brought to you in partnership with...


Leading digital innovation for health and public sectors


Agilisys is one of the top innovation partners for the public sector, helping organisations integrate GenAI into their day-to-day operations and ultimately thrive in the digital age.

View agent and team-level performance in one place

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Review key metrics, and drill down to get into the detail

Flag issues for urgent escalation and remediation

Share feedback with your agents and team leaders

Automatically generate and circulate performance reports

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Get 100% confident in 
your conversations

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