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Automatically QA 100% of your customer conversations

Evaluate all your conversations for regulatory compliance, call flow adherence and communication effectiveness and get instant actionable feedback.

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(In the blink of an eye)

CommsCoach Auto-QA integrates with the communications tools you already use, extracts every conversation (voice and non-voice) and uses best-in-class transcription technology to auto-transcribe and correct them ready for evaluation.

To ensure data protection, all personal customer information is automatically redacted.

Get detailed feedback on every conversation

Our proprietary AI analyses your team’s conversations in seconds against critical criteria such as: 

  1. Compliance (e.g. FCA regulations, Consumer Duty)

  2. Call flow adherence 

  3. Communication and language accuracy

  4. Customised criteria (e.g. industry regulations, brand guidelines)

Every criterion is scored, with an explanation and a link to the relevant part of the transcript.


Take action

CommsCoach Auto-QA provides instant feedback on conversations as they happen, allowing you to take immediate action to remediate and resolve potential issues when they occur.


  • Flag: Get notified of potential problem cases, so you can take immediate action

  • Feedback: Provide team members with the feedback they need to improve

  • Evidence: Generate compliance or performance reports as and when you need them

Seamless integration with the tools you already use, like...

Ready to see CommsCoach Auto-QA in action? 

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