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Get 100% confident that your agents are customer-ready

CommsCoach Simulations provides a safe training environment where your agents can practice conversations with AI-generated customers and get detailed, automated QA performance reports.

Pre-emptive training. Not reactive.

Don’t wait for your agents to make mistakes with customers and hope that you’ll spot them. Train the right behaviours in a simulated setting, so you can:

Be 100% confident that agents have the skills they need to deliver high-quality conversations

Protect your bottom line by correcting behaviours and mistakes before they happen in real life

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Reduce risks and penalties associated with non-compliance

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Improve customer satisfaction scores, like NPS, AHT, FCR and CSAT

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AI-powered simulations

CommsCoach Simulations allows your customer service agents to practice conversations with AI-generated customers across all conversation modalities: voice call, web chat, email, video call, SMS.

Choose from a range of compliance and QA simulations

Financial institutions must navigate constantly changing regulations. Consumer Duty brings new challenges for customer service and compliance teams, requiring immediate upskilling of staff.

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Instant feedback reports

Each conversation is run through our market-leading QA evaluation engine (the same one we use to evaluate live customer calls) which measures the quality of the conversation against criteria like: 

  • Compliance adherence

  • Call flow adherence 

  • Communication quality


All scores are also made available to administrators, so they can review team and individual performance.

  1. The AI-customer presents the agent with real-world scenarios (e.g. complaints, questions, information). 

  2. The agent responds to the AI customer just like they would in real-life

  3. Upon completion, our evaluation engine transcribes the full conversation and analyses it

  4. The agent receives an immediate feedback report on their performance showing areas for improvement

  5. Agent repeats training until they get 10/10 on their evaluation score

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How it works in a nutshell

See CommsCoach Simulations in action

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